About Us


We're convinced that the technical trading world is overdue to take the next step into quantitative trading. Our mission is to bring powerful quantitative tools to you, in an easy to use way. That's what we've actually been looking for but couldn't find. So we decided to do it on our own!

First of all we wanted a clean daily report for the markets we're following to be prepared for the next trading day. A report that simply gives us a nice summary of what happened on a technical level. One that is objective and focused on what's really important.

Additionally we've been through a decade of reading about all kinds of trading pattern but found it very difficult to decide which patterns to trade in each of the markets. Backtesting all of them is extremely time consuming and solves only part of the issue. We wanted to know what the condition of each market is, what patterns show up and how these patterns performed in that market lately. Why? Because it become obvious to us quickly that not only do these patterns never perform equally in all markets, but they also have their good and bad times in each market.

In a nutshell this is why we launched Techniquant.

Meet Algowerk

Techniquant was created and is run by two traders who're currently based in Berlin, us. In mid 2017 we launched Algowerk UG and Techniquant is our first project.

The Future

We hope you already like Techniquant.com as it is. But we'd also like you to know that we've already planned many new features and completely new projects that we're sure will blow your mind. So stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.